Developing Bold Projects for Real Estate, Hospitality and Retail

Our developments feature a complete immersion in tranquil environments that celebrate lifestyles, high quality standards, and the opportunity to provide income to our clients. Located in Orlando Florida, the #1 tourism destination in USA.

Leader in property development, luxury vacation and management

Real Estate Market Experience

All our luxury turnkey second homes are owned by independent investors that found the convenience of owning a home near Disney World that can be used for family vacation or as a fast short-term rental investment.

Creating a New Skyline

We are now in the verge of creating a new skyline in Central Florida with our latest project Magic Place by Pininfarina at Celebration, consisting of 468 acres a mix used development that will feature The Gourmet Place, residential apartments, hotels, a retail complex, and Magic Village by Pininfarina.

Magic Village concept

The Magic Village concept consists on bringing the benefits of hotel services to vacation homes, so that guests can have a great experience with every possible convenience. Our Magic Village products offer personalized services, hotel amenities, property management, and house rental services.

Partnerships to boost performance

We have partnered with renowned companies like Wyndham Hotels and designer studios Pininfarina to provide unique experiences to our customers and expand profit potential to our independent owners.

Expansive Developer for Real Estate, Hospitality and Retail Projects

Delivering innovative luxury projects with personalized service to guide our customers through out the entire acquisition process.


More 10 years of history in USA Real Estate market

The Magic Development concept consists on bringing the benefits of hotel services to vacation homes, so that guests can have a great experience with every possible convenience.

Strategic Alliances

Partnerships to boost performance.

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Our Visionary Founders

Over 10 years of history: proven experience in delivering results.

A tenured business developer known for many trendsetting accomplishments in market positioning, deal structuring and operational leadership. With a keen vision for integrating new opportunities into the Magic Development portfolio, Rodrigo continues to redefine development for a new era of purchasers.


An accomplished Magic Development leader possessing decades of relevant experience in strategic planning, streamlined corporate and property operations, modern brand leadership, business relationship stewardship and strategic sales / marketing execution.


José Augusto Schincariol, member of the board and shareholder of Magic Companies Group, he is part owner of the project and contribute with strategic decisions at board member meetings. Mr. Schincariol has become an active board member and investor in a diversified sectors in Brazil and USA.

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